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2 PP ampoule varieties, can be put on the market within the year

Has experienced a long declare for examination and approval process, good news: our company 2 PP ampoule varieties approved production!
PP ampoule opening is convenient, there will be no glass particles into the phenomenon of blood vessels, the greatest degree to improve the safety of clinical use; Its good compatibility, desquamation, not easy storage, no leakage, products greatly improved; No damage in transportation, especially can be used to drop medical emergency (war, earthquake, disaster, etc.) of emergency rescue, is a major innovation, small capacity injection field has traditional glass water incomparable advantages, highlight is my company's development and profit growth point.
New dosage form of PP ampoule is to fill the domestic blank, tender and single row. Can be put on the market in 2017, 2018 can increase the output value 200 million yuan, profit of 50 million yuan.